Breathtaking pictures.
Lenny Cartier created visuals on recurring themes : individualism,
loneliness and the impact of human beings on landscapes.

Lenny strives to find new angles and perspectives in his images.

“Attempting to freeze my feelings into a single still frame is an incredible challenge, and I’ve found this truly motivates me to get out and experience the world. I hope that you enjoy what I share, and above all that it encourages you to get outside, see the beautiful planet we all live on, and experience moments of your own. And if you feel inclined to hang one of my pictures on your wall, then you were with me when I took that shot, at least in spirit.”

Lenny Cartier is a french traveller and photographer. He specializes in the big cities and landscapes of North America, Northern Europe or street photography, where his travels take him. Lenny Cartier is particularly famous for his vibrant photographs of Palm Springs, a place he captures with a vivid color palette and careful compositions. His photographs of Palm Springs feature iconic elements such as retro swimming pools, colorful hotels and vintage cars, often bathed in the golden light of the Californian desert. He currently lives in France, but takes every opportunity to be on the road.


“My goal is to document places and people around the world to share the emotions of gigantism, the thrill of the void or the beauty of human creations”

Working with

Sony Alpha