The discovery of this film and its incredible colors during the summer of 2023 in New York. A real favorite!

The roll used in this portfolio is a daylight balanced, 35mm motion picture colour negative ASA 250 film. This kind of film has been used in a lot of movies like Interstellar, Oppenheimer or AD Astra. It has a remjet layer, protecting it against halations around light sources and shoulb be developped in a ECN2 process.
I bought this film via the boxargentique box. The producter of the film is Analog Amsterdam; you can order film rolls online at an affordable price (around 6/7€ actually). I now have a package of ten rolls ready for my next road trip 🙂

This film was loaded on my trusty Minolta Dynax 5 with it 50mm/f1.7 and shot at various times of the day: in the morning around the Oculus, during the day on walks along Manhattan Island and in the evening on the High Line. Near the Occulus, I really like the rendering of Gillie and Marc’s bronzes “A wild life for wildlife”. This work is like many others in New York’s public spaces: totally appropriated by tourists and locals alike. I love the fact that art is so playful and accessible to so many people. In this spirit, I never refuse to indicate my photo spots and tips on how to make the most of them; it’s the least I can do.


Washing Cars Bikes

Analog Amsterdam was founded in 2021 by Tim Verheijen with the aim of marketing affordable film. The films are made for cinema, and are therefore bought in large rolls. All Tim has to do is load them into cartridges adapted to our cameras. These films are made for the cinema, but developed using a specific process, their rendering is really very nice, all at an affordable cost.

Here you’ll find Vision3 250D, its 500T variant and Ektachrome (find out more about the return of Ektachrome to cinema).

On the other hand, it wouldn’t occur to me to ride a bike in New York (in France it’s dangerous too).

The richness of a city's colors and the richness of a film's rendering

The Vision3 250 really pays tribute to the kind of color and composition found in New York. Here, in lower Manhattan around Rector St. Look at the color temperature of the walls, the pop of the red number on the subway, the sharp contrasts!

When I test a film, I do it even in conditions that are not necessarily appropriate. I love the halo and dreamy style of these images.”

These shots were taken at dusk from the High Line, an old, elevated railroad line in the middle of New York City. The High Line is an ideal place to take beautiful shots, and enjoy the city lights. In summer, it’s also a place where you can find a little coolness, vegetation, shade, misters… These photos would have benefited from a tripod, however, so keep them in mind for future rolls.

The Minolta Dynax 5 : this camera is a very “plastic”, but also light & modern. First introduced around 1993 it has all the modern SLR refinements : there’s no difficulty in inserting the film, since everything is motorized. So you don’t have to worry about securing the primer – it’s driven automatically by the unit. This also means that this device is battery-dependent. No batteries, no photos.

Focusing can be autofocus, on the central rectangle that turns red when you press the shutter release halfway, or manual. The focus mode is selected by pressing and holding the button on the left of the lens. There are various automatic shooting modes (portrait, landscape…) : the camera determines the pause time and aperture for you, according to the sensitivity of your film. There is also the possibility of bracketing images, to modulate the lighting conditions of the shots.

It is also very small and light, an easy choice to carry it all day long.

Kodak Vision3 250D by Analog Amsterdam

So obviously the quality of the development counts, but just look at the colors provided by the Vision 3 250d! Take, for example, the first photo in this article, with the queue waiting to pose on the Gillie and Marc sculpture: all the colors are impeccably rendered, the yellow of the sneakers, the green of the skirt, the blue of the jeans. These colors are well exposed by the light of this summer’s hot sun. I’ve got some great ideas for this film, which I’ll be using under the sun on my next trip. As a daylight-balanced film, it is designed to work best under natural light. As said “Shoot at night, during the day, indoors, outdoors, this film will handle nearly every scenario you can think of. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.”


These pictures were taken during a summer trip to NYC/

Made with : Minolta Dynax 5 & 50mm f1.7, Kodak Vision3 250D
Links : Analog Amsterdam
Processed by : Grainyroll

Availability : Ready to print files on my shop