Unloading memory cards while traveling light : my solution

The small magic device I use is a Ravpower WD003 : this is a convenient solution for travelers who want to dump their memory cards without having to carry a laptop or external hard drive. With Ravpower, you can transfer your files directly to an external hard drive, USB stick or even a smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how to dump your memory cards with the Ravpower device while traveling:

Step 1: Connect Ravpower to a power source
First, make sure the Ravpower is fully charged or connect it to a power source to avoid interruption during the transfer process. You can use a wall charger, laptop, or external battery to charge the device.

Step 2: Insert your memory card into the Ravpower
Next, insert your memory card into the Ravpower’s card reader. Ensure that the card is inserted correctly and that the Ravpower’s LED is lit. The device supports several types of memory cards, including SD, SDHC, SDXC, and microSD.

Step 3: Connect an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive
Next, I connect one of my SSD external drive to the Ravpower. You can also use a self-powered external hard drive (the Ravpower power supply is not sufficient to power mechanical hard drive).

Step 4: Transfer the files
Press the “Backup” button on the Ravpower phone app to begin transferring files from your memory card to the external hard drive or USB drive. The Ravpower’s LED will flash while the files are being transferred. Transfer time will vary depending on the size of the files. On more recent Ravpower devices like the WD009 or AC750 you might find a dedicated hardware button.

Step 5: Verify Transferred Files
Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your memory card and external hard drive or USB key from the Ravpower. Then verify that all files have been successfully transferred to your external hard drive or USB drive.

In short, the Ravpower device is a convenient solution for emptying your memory cards while traveling. Simply follow these steps to easily transfer your files to an external hard drive or USB flash drive and free up space on your memory cards.

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